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eAura’s unique approach to implementating cloud-based ERP and CRM system is multi dimensional. We focus on your business processes, requirements and user adoption along with the platform that drives them. The end goal is to implement tools that enable you organization to complete on global level. Our approach is simple. “We believe in implementing an industry best standard processes, not just software.” This is the foundation of eAura’s Cloud ERP consulting practice. Software only works as well as it is implemented. Many only understand this after going through an implementation and experiencing difficulty. We’ve been doing this for years, and know how to mitigate risks and the challenges to get it right the first time.


Features eAura services offered

Data Conversions

Data is an integral part of any implementation and the success of an organization is defined in how well it is able to translate data into information and be able to generate useful analytics. eAura’s unique strategy focuses on data quality, translation, governance, relevance and security. Our consultants have a framework and methodology that goes beyond traditional ETL. We focus on defining data correctly, building proper data governance and providing tools to manage your data long-term. 


A cloud ERP/CRM solution does not exist in vacuum, it has to work in concert with other applications and systems. Most companies live in a hybrid cloud and would need to exchange information across systems. eAura believes every organization has its own unique integration need.


  • We help to Identify and implement right tools depending on legacy and cloud application. 

  • Define governance methodology to ensure master-child relationship within data is maintained

  • Ensure integration architecture supports security & access framework. 


Successful user adoption is not complete without training. eAura can help teach your team how to deliver custom training tailored to your unique needs. We support post implementation training aligned with your business processes, data and requirements. Our training programs can be customized per your need and can be effective in driving adoption. 


eAura’s support model is to act as liaison and partner in helping your IT team to get to a resolution faster. Our consultants help manage post implementation challenges and work directly with the proper vendors to resolve issues. Our expertise is in diagnosis of a problem and quickly driving to a solution that fits your needs within the SLA. eAura’s consultants leverage in depth knowledge of cloud guide to root cause analysis & resolution rather than a quick fix/band aid approach.

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